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DASH 360R | SOC I Type II

Big milestone! DASH 360R is the first and only RegTech cloud solution in the broker dealer world to achieve the […]

Risk Based Haircut (RBH) Factsheet

Dash Regulatory Technologies Risk Based Haircuts (RBH) is a program which is designed to help users with haircut calculations according […]

iRBH/iRBM Moment-to-Moment: Intraday

The Risk Based Haircut (RBH) & Risk Based Margin (RBM) applications may be enabled to provide intraday real-time TIMS based […]

Composition Maker (CoMa) Factsheet

CoMa was designed to create a Basket Composition file for use within RBH(M) to further optimize the universe of ETFs […]

Fixed Income Haircut (FIH) Factsheet

Fixed Income Haircut (FIH) is a program which is designed to help users compute capital charges for debt securities as […]

Repo/Reverse Repo (RRR) Factsheet

Repo/Reverse Repo System (RRR) is designed to help users compute charges and capital deductions associated with Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase […]

Stock Borrow/Loan (SBL) Factsheet

Stock Borrow/Loan System (SBL) is designed to help users comply with the Agent Lending Disclosure Initiative. SBL reads DTCC Cash […]

Security Allocation Information Engine (SALLIE) Factsheet

The Security Allocation Information Engine (SALLIE) is designed to assist broker dealers in complying with the Customer Protection Rule SEC […]

17a-5 Financial Reporting Responsibility (FRR) Factsheet

Financial Reporting Responsibility was developed as an enhancement for all our major systems which will help with the documentation of […]

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