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17a-5 Financial Reporting Responsibility (FRR) Factsheet

Financial Reporting Responsibility was developed as an enhancement for all our major systems which will help with the documentation of […]

Basket Weaver Factsheet

Basket Weaver is an enhancement to the Risk Based Haircut (RBH) and Risk Based Margin (RBM) systems. The system attempts […]

Securities Based Swaps (SBS) Factsheet

Swaps is used in conjunction with our Fixed Income Haircut (FIH) module for the following: CDS Swaps: These are charged […]

Risk Based Margin (RBM) Factsheet

Dash Regulatory Technologies Risk Based Margin (RBM) system is designed to help users calculate risk based margins according to FINRA […]

Day Trader Margin (DTM) Factsheet

Day Trader Margin (DTM) System is designed to help users calculate DTM charges according to FINRA Rule 4210, in effect […]

Option Margin Optimizer (OMO) Factsheet

The Option Margin Optimizer (OMO) calculates customer margin charges according to FINRA Rule 4210, as revised in December 2010 and […]

Supplemental Inventory Schedule (SISSY) Factsheet

Supplemental Inventory System (SISSY) is designed for firms required to complete the Supplemental Inventory Schedule report, a requirement that is […]

Wrapper Factsheet

Wrapper is designed to automatically run a total of 19 scenarios. The scenario that results in the LOWEST haircut is […]

Securities Based Swaps (SBS) Solution

On June 21, 2019, SEC adopted its Security Based Swap (SBS) rules laying out capital, margin and segregation requirements for […]

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