DASH RegTech FOCUS Generator

FOCUS Generator Solution

Introduction & Background:

FINRA member firms are required to compose and submit their Financial and Operational
Combined Uniform Single (FOCUS) reports to FINRA pursuant to SEC Rule 17a-5. DASH
RegTech (DRT) has created a custom, automated FOCUS reporting tool (“FOCUS
Generator”), integrating its current robust suite of 15c3-1 calculations with additional user
inputs to generate a FOCUS report in the prescribed eFOCUS format.

Product Availability & Testing:
The FOCUS Generator solution is already available for beta testing on our cloud platform,
DASH 360R and via DASH360R on-prem (for desktop clients).

Usage and In-Scope Products:
The FOCUS Generator solution is available to all US broker-dealers who are required to
submit either Form II (Carrying, Clearing BDs) or Form IIA (Non-Carrying, Non-Clearing BDs).

Product Features & Highlights:

  • An automated, integrated FOCUS reporting solution on AWS’s leading regtech platform, DASH360R
  • Organic extension of DRT’s ‘gold standard’ LDB products with an ability to seamlessly integrate 15c3-1 and 15c3-3 outputs into the FOCUS report
  • SOC attested control framework leveraging LDB’s robust data quality and change management processes
  • Ability for FINOPs to conduct a highly automated, yet exhaustive review process prior to final submission via FINRA Gateway
  • Support for the latest Form II and IIA filers
  • API functionality with ability to plug in directly with the firm’s general ledger (coming soon!)

SOC Validation:
Prior to final implementation, DRT has actively collaborated with existing clients for over 2
years to deeply understand the FOCUS rules and the nuances of the Form II/IIA reports. The
FOCUS Generator solution is also being added to the yearly SOC1 Type 2 attestation cycle for
thorough review, validatation of FOCUS data assumptions and mappings, rules interpretation
and FINRA ‘edit checks’ computation.

Data Requirements:
Please contact DASH’s support team ([email protected]) for a demo and to discuss
FOCUS Generator data requirements.